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EG Grenade Co. / Gender Reveal 2 x Pink Smoke Grenade Pack

Gender Reveal 2 x Pink Smoke Grenade Pack


  • A pack of 2 x WP40 Pink Wire Pull Smoke Grenades.
  • Perfect for Gender Reveal Parties
  • Safe and simple Pull Ring Ignition (Wire Pull)
  • Non-toxic Smoke, fully biodegradable body


Pink is the perfect colour to celebrate the coming of your baby girl. EG Pink Smoke produces brilliantly coloured non-toxic smoke over approximately 90 seconds. It’s simple to operate, just read the instructions and safety notices, then when you are prepared to go, pull the pin.


Order more and save on shipping!

£18 when you order between 1 – 3 Pyrotechnics
£15 when you order between 4 – 10 Pyrotechnics
£10 when you order between 11 – 25 Pyrotechnics
£7 when you order between 26 – 49 Pyrotechnics
£5 when you order over 50 Pyrotechnics

We apologise for the high delivery costs, but it’s all for good reason. Due to the nature of the product, it is classified as a hazardous product. Currently we subsidize all delivery costs as it is more than what is displayed here, and for fear of scaring off customers from even higher costs we take some of it on the chin.

It’s important to note that having products delivered correctly is important. Sellers that send pyrotechnic products in the post and/or incorrectly packaged put everyone in the logistics chain and you at risk of accidental combustion.


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