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Hang 10 BlackHang 10 Tan
Hang 10 Black
Hang 10 Tan

Hang Ten Belt


The Hang Ten Belt holds 10 products and can be worn as a bandolier or belt.



Widely accepted as the worlds most fashionable belt, the HTB can hold your pants up whilst prepping you for the heaviest of days. Simple loops of elastic keep your ten awesome smoke grenades safe and ready for that ambush your were drawing up last night.

The NEW Hang Ten Belt now comes with the ‘hook’ allowing one handed operation of our Wire Pull™ ignition system.

1. Pull the smoke grenade down and out of the belt which also removes the
plastic cap.

2. With your thumb position the pull ring over the hook of the belt, then
pull sharply downwards.

The smoke is ignited and all you have to do now is throw in the desired direction. The Hang Ten Belt is compatible with Wire Pull™ WP40 Smoke Grenades and Burst Smoke Grenades. Build study to withstand heavy punishment from rental to pro play, our HTB is a must for your waist line. Did we mention that it is fully adjustable, so if you’re the donut king you can rock this as a bandolier as an an awesome alternative (aaaaa!).

The HTB is designed to hold the following products: – Wire Pull™ SmokeBurst SmokeFlash GrenadesFriction Smoke

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