WP40: Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade (x50)


  • Box of 50 – single colours
  • Our most popular smoke bomb, great cloud
  • Duration: 90 Seconds
  • Cloud Size: 3
  • CE Certified
  • Simple Pull Ring Ignition (Wire Pull®)
  • Non-toxic Smoke, fully biodegradable body
FREE Specialist Hazmat Delivery on orders over £100

The Enola Gaye Wire Pull® WP40 is the world’s most popular smoke grenade. Our original product is available in 9 different colours. Packaged in a compact device, it’s simple to use and produces a huge amount of smoke.

To use the smoke grenade, simply pull the ring to the side. What follows is 90 seconds of brilliantly coloured non-toxic smoke. The smoke is delivered from the single vent at the top of the grenade.

The WP40 smoke grenade is commonly used for photoshoots, amateur filming, paintball, airsoft and for survival purposes.

Buy now from the official Enola Gaye® UK Store.


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