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EG25 Wire Pull Micro Smoke Grenade (Box of 10) - EG Grenade Co.
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Enola Gaye Store

EG Grenade Co. / EG25 Wire Pull Micro Smoke Grenade (Box of 10)

EG25 Wire Pull Micro Smoke Grenade (Box of 10)


  • Amazing smoke effect and colour
  • Approximate 30 second Smoke output
  • Easy to use and simple Wire Pull (ring pull) Ignition.
  • Non- toxic smoke, fully biodegradable body.


It’s always bigger and better! Whenever a company releases a new product you always get more than you had before! Not with EG. We’re reverse engineering the WP40 and giving you a whole bunch less.

However less is more in many cases and when you need a smoke effect for an artistic photographic shoot, you don’t always need the entire area smoked out.

The EG25 offers you a compact unit with a considerable output but for only 30 seconds. More than enough time to get that killer shot leaving you breathing space to plan your next one. Of course, if you want more we have that right here.

Available in the full-colour range and fitted with our proven Wire Pull igniter.

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Airsoft, Paintball, Photography


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