FREE Specialist Shipping on orders over $149. Add the coupon code GRENADE at checkout
FREE Specialist Shipping on orders over $149. Add the coupon code GRENADE at checkout.

Experimental Pack (x5)


  • Perfect for trying out our range of smoke bombs
  • 1x EG25 smoke grenade
  • 1x Twin Vent smoke grenade
  • 1x WP40 smoke grenade
  • 1x EG18 smoke grenade
  • 1x EG18X smoke grenade
  • Simple Pull Ring Ignition (Wire Pull)
  • Non-toxic Smoke, fully biodegradable body

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FREE Specialist Hazmat Shipping on orders over $149 when you enter the coupon code GRENADE at checkout

Getting started with colored smoke effects has never been easier. The Experimental Pack contains one of each of the following smoke bombs, so you’ll have plenty of smoke to play with.

All of the smoke bombs in this package have our Wire-Pull® igniter and produce nontoxic smoke. They can be used by anyone over the age of 18 with no training needed. Simply follow the instructions on the device.


The EG25 is our smallest smoke effect, but still packs a considerable punch for its size. Smoke is emitted for around 25-30 seconds.


The WP40 is the world’s best-selling smoke grenade. It’s packaged in a compact device, and produces a huge amount of smoke over 90 seconds.

Twin Vent

Unlike our other smoke bombs, the Twin Vent emits smoke from both ends of the device creating amazing effects that cannot be achieved with any other product.


The EG18 is one of our larger smoke bombs, and bellows out a massive amount of smoke over 90 seconds.


The EG18X is the same size as the EG18, but produces smoke over a much shorter time period. The effect is a fast, dense smoke cloud.

Please note: you will receive an assortment of colors selected at random, not necessarily the colors shown in the image.

Check our size guide below for more information.

Cloud size

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