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The World's Most Popular
Smoke Grenades

Our Best Selling Smoke Bombs

Safe To USE

These products do not explode and have been designed for safe use without damage or injury to persons and property.

9 Colors Available

Our products are used by photographers & videographers to add captivating colorful effects to their work.

World-Class Design

EG started the smoke effect industry back in mid-90s, and our UK-based development has remained unrivalled ever since.

Certified for Use

Our products have passed strict government tests in the USA and Canada, and are CE approved in Europe.

Easy to Use

No training is needed to use our products. Simply pull the ring out of the side and the smoke will start to flow.

Non-Toxic Smoke

EG smoke bombs are developed with user safety at the fore, and all of our smoke is non-toxic. The unit also has a fully biodegradable body.

Smoke Grenade Packs